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Fantastic crafts, beautiful ceramics. Fabulous piece of art which can change the day. The coffee from these ceramics set tastes much better and candies look more elegant on this plate. The set attracts all my guests attention. :) All the best to the artist. I highly recommend her works for anyone who is interested in true art.

Perłowa CudokaczkaM.G.

Extraordinary casket.  In reality it looks much better than in pictures. Simplicity of the shape is the main precondition of perfection. And glaze iridescence – just fabulous. In a nutshell this is a very sublime and highly sophisticated piece of art. My congratulations to artist.

casket Geometry of TurquoiseB.G.

The gorgeous casket. I have always admired Monika Kaszyńska works. I have a few her works on my own.  These works have a very original, outstanding design. These small objects bring special climate and mystery to the interior.

casket VenetianBożena

You are great! Ordered things are beyond my expectations.  Amazing. Beautiful vivid colours, attention to details, and perfection… It is hard to find words. I love ceramics but I have never had such beautiful cups before. Thank you very much and all the best. :)

cups PoppyIwona84

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